Why t-shirts?

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Why t-shirts?

I have to confess that I get a lift from wearing one of my t-shirts. The message I see when I look down at it encourages me.  It's a big deal to me and a privilege that I can wear something that brags on my Redeemer, Jesus Christ, who is alive and well! Oh yeah, He died alright, and His death changed my life.  It brought me out of my hopelessly estranged condition before God-- indeed, it was the only thing that could do that. When I understood that, I embraced Him and His death. But His death was not the end of...

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A Hankering

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My BFFs know what my goal is in creating designs that can be worn on a t-shirt or a hoodie, or can be displayed on a wall hanging, sticker, throw pillow... or even a cell phone case.  They know that I'm driven to "make stuff." And lately I've had a strong hankering for this art to convey a message (or make a statement) so that I feel it has purpose. 

They know also that my first love is Christ.  I love Him and His gospel of reconciliation.  (Wow, there's so much I could say about Him and about His gospel, but I won't right now.)  If you love Him too, I think you will find a design here that resonates with you.

At the time I’m writing this, there are 7 designs in the shop, with a new one in the works, and each design can be printed on a "Collection" products.

  • New Morning, New Mercies (Lamentations 3:22,23)
  • Armor On (Ephesians 6)
  • Home (John 14:23)
  • “Maranatha!” (Hebrews 11:28)
  • Rejoice, Pray, Give Thanks (1 Thessalonians 5:16-18)
  • My Redeemer Lives (Job 19:25)
  • No Greater Love (John 15:13)
  • [Coming soon] This Is My Father’s World (John 1:3). 

If there's a particular design that you like but it's not yet available on a desired product, let me know by email (, and I will add this product to the Collection. If desired, I can also see to it that your product is personalized.  Again, you'll need to get in touch with me by email with the specifics.

Before I wrap up this edition of the news, I unfortunately have to mention that during this COVID-19 mess, the turnaround on an order you place will most likely be delayed.  My fulfillment partner is Printful, Inc., and they are doing the best they can to fulfill orders while operating with a reduced staff due to "social distancing" requirements.  What normally takes them a week to fulfill is now taking them 2 to 3 weeks.  However, I can testify that the quality they produce is worth the wait!  Things WILL be returning to normal soon, won't they?!  (I'm also actively looking for alternatives locally, even if it means packaging and shipping items myself.)

Please have a look around-- begin by clicking on "Collections," and I'll see ya later!  God bless you!

Yours truly, Canny

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