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I have to confess that I get a lift from wearing one of my t-shirts. The message I see when I look down at it encourages me.  It's a big deal to me and a privilege that I can wear something that brags on my Redeemer, Jesus Christ, who is alive and well! Oh yeah, He died alright, and His death changed my life.  It brought me out of my hopelessly estranged condition before God-- indeed, it was the only thing that could do that. When I understood that, I embraced Him and His death. But His death was not the end of it for me; it was really just the beginning. It reconciled me to my Creator and opened the door to a relationship with Him that deepens more all the time.

He said He would "rise from the dead." He said He was God. If my Redeemer had remained dead, if He had not experienced resurrection on that third day, my redemption would not only be in question; ALL confidence and hope in Him would be absent, and I wouldn't be able to believe anything He had said or promised.  He promised His followers that He would be present with them "to the end of the world." He promised them that He and the Father would love them and make their home with them as they lived out the remainder of their lives on this earth. I believe these promises extend to me, too, as someone who has embraced Christ as a result of their testimony (John 17:20). 

But, thank God, I don't have to even consider what a mess I'd be, nor what a mess I'd be IN, if my Redeemer had not overcome death and risen that third day. As much as those who do not embrace Him try to convince the world otherwise,  all the evidence points to His resurrection as a fact. I know it's true to the same extent that His 1st century disciples knew it was true... even my soul-brother Thomas who, basically, said, "No way!" I know it as though it was I who saw and touched the holes in His hands and feet and felt His side where the soldier had thrust a spear into Him.

It's kind of satisfying to know that my t-shirt can tell people something that would otherwise not cross their minds at that moment. Plus, it gives me immense pleasure to brag on my Redeemer, Who is worthy of all glory!  

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  • Sherry on

    I get so much comfort, encouragement and courage wearing your t-shirts. Courage because I’m reserved and timid by nature (except with family and close friends) and the tshirts’ message is a wonderful ‘ice breaker’ for someone seeking God. I’m excited about sharing my faith in Jesus.

  • Anthony Coppin on

    Your credo is matched only by your love for and dedication to Jesus Christ. The simplicity and beauty of the tee shirts makes the message readily accessible. Just be ready to give a reason for the hope that is in you and on your shirt.

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